BURSTED! Woman’s Butt Blow Up After Days Of Undergoing Butt Enlargement Procedure (Disgusting Video)


A woman seeking to enhance her beauty has met the worst experience of her life after a butt enlargement procedure went awfully wrong.

The lady in question made news after she hit various social media channels with videos of herself dancing and showing her growing backside after she underwent the first stages of the clinical procedure to enable her get her required size.

Not long after, another video surfaced which showed the lady in great pain after she began suffering complications from the butt enlargement procedure.

As it appears her skin was rotting, and several parts of her body were woefully swollen. The exact cause of the unfortunate situation is not immediately known, however, this is not the first time one is suffering similar complications after undergoing a butt enlargement procedure.

In extreme cases, such people lose their lives.


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