Lady Sets Social Media Ablaze After She Wore Wedding Dress Made With Groundnut


With the advent of social media, newly married couples now don’t hide their moments of joy from the public and that exactly what this lady did after her big day.  

However, social media on fire as the picture of the lady who wore groundnuts on her traditional wedding surfaced online. The post has captured the attention of many people with their reactions were filled astonishment. 

The post above was shared by a Facebook user called Atasie Wisdom in a Facebook page ‘Igbo rant (By Wisdom Atasie) . his post has aroused much attention on Facebook because people are just surprised as they haven’t seen this kind of attire before. 

Judging from the picture, the girl is putting on a groundnut shell outfit during her traditional wedding, and which got many people praising the designer is very talented why others said they can never wear such crazy outfits.


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