Most insane reasons why Nigerian women won't date you


“I cannot possibly be with a guy that is too peaceful” and other crazy stories.

If you have been following Big Brother Naija Lockdown, then you must have been as dumbfounded as we were when Nengi told Ozo that she couldn’t be with him because he’s not a preacher of war.

So Nengi does not want a peaceful man and yeah that’s mad dificult to assimilate tto say the very least. I mean, here we are thinking we know about pleasing Nigerian women only for this to happen?!
As crazy as that is though, it’s not the gist you’ll hear from Nigerian women that will drive you nuts. There’s actually more reasons why they’ll either not date you at all or get tired of being with you. Check these out;

  • “You don’t hit me”
    But if you think that it is impossible for someone to desire a partner who physically hits them, you are wrong. Because there are [insane] people living among us, and they sometimes post videos on IG showing just how insane they are.
  • “Other women are not attracted to you”
    Saw this one on Joro’s blog several months back and it just did my head in. How are you going to curve someone or quit your relationship because other women don’t find your man attractive?
  • “You don’t cheat”
    Isn’t faithfulness a cool thing anymore? Is that not what women have forever been campaigning for? When was the goalpost shifted? How come no one informed us about this?


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