A Man Shot His Whole Family After Finding Out That His Wife Cheated With His Uncle And Brother


A man shot his whole Family after finding out that his wife cheated with his uncle and brother.

A man killed his whole family after finding out that his wife is cheating on him with his brother and uncle.

He killed the whole Family because he was the only one who didn’t know that his wife is cheating on him with his Family members,Everyone knew but kept it a secret from him.

He even suspected that it may be that his children are not his and was given illegitimate children said the neighbors who heard the conversation.

The neighbors said,the wife would be sad and lonely everytime they saw her and the wife said that the husband always came home late and saw pictures of other girls in his phone and he was violent Sometimes.

The man allegedly shot and killed his brother,uncle,and his siblings along with his parents and his 1 year old Daughter.

He then shot and killed Himself,the neighbors heard the whole Incident but were Afraid to call for help or to come to help because he was a quiet but aggressive man who would do anything in a fit or rage.

The community members are still shocked and devastated because of incident that took place in the Family.


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