Woman sues Sperm Bank after Paying $75,000 for “Donald Trump’s Semen, yet give birth to a black baby


A New York woman is suing a fertility clinic for $2,25 million after paying more than $75,000 for semen allegedly coming from President Donald Trump and giving birth to an Afro-American baby bearing no physical resemblance to his presumed father.

41-year old Sarah Maclean filed a civil lawsuit against the Lower Bronx Eggs and Semen Cryobank alleging “fraudulent marketing and product misrepresentation”.

According to her lawyer, Mr. Abraham Jones, the sperm bank deliberately sold his client low-valued semen from “a random black guy” as more attractive and higher-valued than it was.

“Their website boasts many famous donors, including three former U.S. presidents, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Jay-Z, even Pope Francis. I bet many of these claims are fraudulent.”

Mr. Jones says his client was psychologically and emotionally traumatized by her experience, leading her to donate her child to adoption only months after his birth.

“She felt deeply betrayed, as if she had been raped, and felt incapable of raising a child associated with such an awful act.”

Sarah Maclean’s Lawyer, Mr. Abraham Jones, says the fertility clinic deliberately sells semen from “a random black guy” as sperm from celebrities like the president.

The New York Police Department confirmed this morning that it opened an investigation on the Lower Bronx Eggs and Semen Cryobank after Ms. Maclean’s allegations.

The cryobank denied any wrongdoing in a brief post on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, saying that “heredity is statistically unpredictable”.

The company says that “recessive genetic markers can manifest in certain individuals” making physical resemblance uncertain.


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