What is the biggest Judas transfer in football history?


This one:

Ronaldinho signing with Flamengo in 2011.

Now, many weird things have happened in Ronaldinho’s career. Everyone nows the Extreme heights – perhaps the most naturally gifted player ever, The indisputable best player in the world at his peak. About his lows, I won’t even speak about the bizarre fact that he is still in prison in Paraguay.

But I will talk about how A World Cup Winner and the Greatest athlete that has ever been born in the city of Porto Alegre cannot walk on the City streets without bodyguards.

really, I could probably say it is because of the 2 mi USD in unpaid fines to the city for environmental violations, but that is not the cause.

It started in 2001. It was really on in 2011.

One must understand that, once, Ronaldinho was the most loved person at his boyhood club, Gremio. His older brother had played at the club, and he entered the youth team as a 9 year old phenomenon.

By the time he was 14, everyone already knew who he was and his incredible talent. He ascended to the first team at 17 years old and soon became a reality.

At 19, he was a starter at the BrazilIan National Team, and a local idol. Gremio refused a 81 million dollar proposal (more than twice the world record Fee at the time) for him – randomly, from Leeds United, but I digress.

After that, things quickly turned sour. His contract would be expired in 2001, and the renewal Wasn’t going anywhere. Soon, He left on a free transfer for PSG, leaving gremio to seek FIFA for compensation. Eventually, PSG settled for under 6 million USD in court.

this could as well be the answer. Losing the world best player, At 21, for free, is heartbreaking. A betrayal.

But our hearts are soft. Sure, a grudge remained, but when he turned Ashley Cole spine inside out, we smiled.

We sympathized with the fact that, if forced to play a national semifinal for a team that not only fielded 3 right backs, but also put a WC winner defender at CM, we would want to leave too.

he was just a kid, so, things pass. He always reminded how he loved the club. Our board was full of crooks. We were fine with it.

and then, in 2011, he would come back to Brazil. And, excited as we were, he would apparently come back to Gremio. He even said it was his dream.

After several rounds of negotiations, all was set – the parts agreed, and a party was organized for his presentation. Seriously, The stage was set.

And them, Flamengo offered a bit more money, and he signed with them behind our backs. Gossip started on the day the presentation was Scheduled:

(yes, this is the sound system Already in place, being removed)

Well, we are fools. Betrayed TWICE by the same duo (him and his Brother Assis).


And that is how The greatest player to ever put on Gremio shirt is Also the most hated one.

[sign says:

Ronaldinho and Assis: May God forgive you, because we won’t)


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