Fani-Kayode beat, humiliated his wife even in presence of visitors, house helps — Sister


One Prisca G. Chikwendu-Nduka, who identified herself as the elder sister of Precious Chikwendu, the estranged wife of former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has reacted to the alleged troubled marriage and domestic violence by her sister.

The fourth marriage of Fani-Kayode became a public issue when Precious was reported to have moved out of the house.

Chikwendu-Nduka took to her personal Facebook account to defend her sister, while also noting that Precious had her own share of mistakes.

According to Chikwendu-Nduka, her uncle, Rev. Okey Onyemachi, knew about the abuse but advised Precious to stay for the sake of their mom’s bill, which Fani-Kayode was paying, and for her sons.

She wrote: “It is disheartening when the people you look up to, and who should have your back, turn against you because of monetary gain. I have kept silent on this issue, but it’s time we took a stand.

“Rev Okey Onyemachi and Joy Onyemachi, you both cannot deny knowing that my sister’s husband beats her! Aunty Joy Onyemachi, you have witnessed him beating her severally especially during pregnancy. I have had discussions with both of you severally about her leaving that marriage before he kills her, but you both said she has to stay on that it makes no sense leaving him without anything after giving him sons.

“Yes the incident with the knife occurred, but the truth you purposely ignored is that she picked that knife to protect herself from being beaten again and you both know it! Furthermore uncle Okey (I use the word uncle/aunt lightly because you in my opinion don’t deserve it, but I’ll rather use it than call you Reverend or pastor ‘cos your actions are a let down to that title), you were not there when the knife incident happened, so it amazes me how you have this detailed false description of what happened that day.

“Now to obvious facts, Even if Precious had a mental breakdown like you claim, who wouldn’t? Considering what she had to go through in that house for almost 6yrs. A house she had no say in, a house where she was constantly beaten and humiliated before staff and sometimes visitors. A house where one who calls himself a husband will call and pay pastors to give their fake prophecies against his wife, one of which is ‘that she has spiritual problems and she’s only living because she’s under his spiritual covering, that the day she leaves his covering she will die’. You are very aware of this!

“First, we were born and raised in Makurdi, Benue State. We weren’t the kind of family that travelled every year, we sometimes went home once in 5yrs, and the stay is probably for two weeks spanning Christmas and New Year. In that two weeks, we only spent about 2days in umuahia, my maternal home, your home. As we grew up, the visits became fewer and in between. When you guys did visit Makurdi, the visits were never for long, in fact uncle Okey I never got to know you till I was about 13 or so. Aunty Joy you never spent more than 2weeks in a year at our home and so many years you totally never showed up. How then was the opinion formed that my sister has been mentally disturbed and violent from childhood? I’m over 3yrs her senior and I’m sure I should have known.

“Precious has her faults, she has made mistakes, mistakes she has paid for and is still paying for, but she is your niece, your blood, your family. She does not deserve the label you have given her and all the lies I woke up to against her today. Turning against her the way you have doesn’t speak well of you and the respective of the ministries you both represent. Please stop telling people that you’re representing the Onyemachi family, cos you’re not.

“The opinion of two does not speak for the entire family, and I’m aware you both did this on your own. That said I leave you both to God’s judgement. We’re orphans and have no one to speak for us, but we are unified and believe that God will speak for us. For all you have done, God will answer, you will surely reap the rewards. On behalf of my siblings and I, I rest my case.

Recall that The Eagle Online earlier reported that Joy and Okey Onyemachi claimed that Precious Fani-Kayode had mental health issues.


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