Woman With Triple Breasts Takes A Walk With 4 Half-Naked Men LIKE DOGS Around Street


The woman who set the internet on fire last year by claiming to have three breasts has broken her silence to insist she’s not a hoaxer.

A woman who spent £12,000 on a third BREAST is back in the limelight after she was caught on camera walking four men in leather masks on dog leads.

Alisha Hessler who refers to herself as Jasmine Tridevil was captured on a mobile phone casually strolling down a busy road in a three-cup bikini.

Sporting sunglasses and knee-high leather boots, the 21-year-old topped off her bizarre look with four men walking on their hands and knees and their faces covered by gimp-style leather masks.

The stunned DIY filmmaker who grabbed the footage can be heard to say: “It’s a girl looks like a girl with long hair. She has three t**s!”

Asked if her ‘dogs’ bite, Alisha, from Tampa, Florida, replies: “They’re my Shih Tzus.” She is then heard to bark orders at her ‘pets’ before the film fades to black.

Alisha saved up for two years before finding a plastic surgeon willing to carry out the obscure operation to give her a third boob.

She told a local radio station more than 50 doctors turned her down before a surgeon – who has not been named – agreed to the job.

The third breast was made from a silicone implant and skin tissue from her abdomen.

She said: “It was really hard finding someone that would do it, too, because they’re breaking the code of ethic. I called like 50 or 60 doctors – nobody wanted to do it.”

Alisha says the fake boob feels the same as her other two – although the nipple had to be tattooed on.

She says her intention is to become a celebrity with her own TV show.

She added: “My whole dream is to get this show on MTV. I’m dumping every penny I have into this. If this doesn’t work, I’m through.”

Jasmine regularly posts pictures and video of her unusual appearance on her Facebook page and YouTube.

She admits her parents were horrified by the result and have since stopped talking to her.

Her appearance is reminiscent of the famous scene from the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Total Recall.

In a series of YouTube videos, she talks about her three boobs, even saying in one that she wants to reduce her other two to be the same size as her third.

She says: “These are definitely bigger. These are Ds and this (the middle breast) is probably more like a small C.

“I wanted all three to be Ds, but he (the surgeon) said the skin wouldn’t stretch that far. But I might get another surgery to make them even. It would look better.”

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