How A Nigerian Lady Was Trafficked Into Prostitution By Her Pastor


So many Nigerian young ladies have deceived by people with the idea of getting a better life outside the country only to end up as slaves in a foreign country.

A lady, Florence Abu is one of such, and hers was different because she was cajoled by someone who should have been ‘trustworthy’, her own pastor.

An indigene of Edo state, Florence had been told by an assistant ‘pastor’ in her church that she would be able to provide a better life for her family if she left the country to ‘work’ somewhere else.

Little did she know what exactly that work would be like.

According to a report by The Cable, Florence had initially refused the offer to leave the country but the ‘pastor’ had told her he saw a vision of her doing well ‘in abroad’.

She said, “I, first of all, refused the offer but he now told me that I don’t have a choice because God showed him in a revelation that my destiny is not in the country, that my destiny is outside the country and for me to achieve that aim, I need to leave the country so I can earn better money and also help my family and take them away from poverty and for me to also have a better stay.

“When he said that, I was like okay but I don’t have the money to leave, how am I going to leave, and he said that’s not the problem, and that they are the ones that are going to fix the bills to leave.

“The only thing they will request from me is for me to go and look for money to do my international passport, that if I can do my international passport, then the rest will be solve.”

“He said that I shouldn’t be afraid of making money abroad since I am a good singer and hairstylist. The pastor further told me that I might be lucky to even come across a white man that will support me,” she told Vanguard.

She had even been told to give her pubic hair and fingernails to the pastor’s mother, in a bid to ensure that she would not escape when she eventually arrived her destination, Russia.

On getting to Russia, she had engaged in menial jobs until her handlers told her that the real reason she was in the country was prostitution.

She was also told to pay $45,000 (over N17 million) to be free again or be killed.

And that was how the young lady who was a hairstylist in Nigeria was turned to a prostitute in Russia.

She said sometimes she was forced to be on call with different “clients” for more than 24 hours.

The stylist said when she complained to her handler of how dangerous some of the clients were, the “madam” did not care and only requested the proceeds of her prostitution.

“I go out with men, at times for a week; sometimes, I have bad clients. Some carry guns, some chase me out of their house naked. In broad daylight, I’ll run for my life without wearing anything,” she said.

“I even went out one day and they threw me from a three-storey building. I broke my hand, I was at home for two months and my madam said she would not be the one feeding me.”

Florence was repatriated back to Nigeria after she came down with a mysterious illness. This was after she had finished paying the $45,000.

Having returned to the country in 2017 after spending five years in Russia, Florence has been working hard to re-establish her hairstyling business and collaborating with different groups to create enlightenment against trafficking and illegal migration.


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