Meet Singh The 25 Year Old Man Who Has Been Living In His Infant Body Since Birth


In this article we would be meeting a 25 year old man who stopped growing after he clocked one year old, this left him ‘trapped’ in his infant body which weighs about 11Ib (4.4kg).

The man in the photo is Manpreet Singh, from India who was born in 1995. Singh stopped growing before he was able to walk or talk, it is a very unfortunate condition for a man of his age. The doctors handling his situation as at that time, told his family that Singh will start growing normally again as other children, but how unfortunate it was, it never happened his father Jagtar Singh, 50 was told that his son is certain to have hormone disorder.

At the age of 25, he is now brought up like other children, his parents were unable to attend to his needs so they had no option than to send him to his aunt and uncle. Singh can mumble few words, but cannot hold or start a conversation he mostly communicates through signs and gestures.

Singh is loved by many, he has always attended the temple for prayers and most times, people worship him, seeing him as a small god. Singh’s family said that they have never been given a definite answer about why he stopped growing they now raise funds to hell pay his treatment, which the cost of initial investigation and preliminary treatment is 500,000 rupees (almost £5,400.)


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