Popular Sex Cities In Nigeria


In a study that was triggered by Aljazeera’s documentary on the sex city in Bangladesh – the largest gathering of sex workers in the world, here are some of the popular brothel zones in Nigeria.

Just like in other parts of the world, there are some locations in Nigeria, used majorly for sex trading. In these locations, prostitution is summarily acceptable or considered as a norm.

Although, these activities are not legal nor sanctioned by the country’s constitution. But, there are locations where sexual needs of young boys and men are cater for on a daily basis.

  1. Pen Cinema Agege

It is not only bread that can be found in this Lagos community, but fun spots, thuggery, also exists there too. The fun aspect is that about two to different spots are occupied by prostitutes in Agege.

The first and one of the most popular hub is the one close to the Pen-Cinema Police Station.

Though the police authorities are aware of the shady activities of these prostitutes, they look the other way while these prostitutes carry out their nefarious activities.

The prostitutes position themselves as early as 7pm every night while displaying their assets for whoever cares to see what they have.

The second sex spot in Agege is located on the railway line behind Fidelity Bank, and the prostitutes can be seen hanging around every night, calling on passersby to patronise them.

  1. Empire, Lagos State

Empire is the most popular residential areas or zones populated by sex traders in Lagos. The place is between Surulere and Yaba.

It became is a regular place for sex peddlers due to the booming activities of the late Afro-beat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, who took up residence there. As a result, the area became an enclave for all and allows for unregulated natural activities which is deem ‘unAfrican’. Till date, sex trade is still going on in the area but at a slower pace.

  1. Charo, Ogun State

Charo is one major spot in Abeokuta, Ogun state for open sex peddling. The area is close to Panseke, a commercial hub in the state, as such the congregate of the pleasure sellers add more relaxing climate to bustling activity in the zone.
A mention of the place to commoners in the Abeokuta would trigger a suspicion on your aim of going to the area.

  1. Obalende, Lagos

Obalende is another Lagos city that has gone beyond what words can express when it comes to the activities of the prostitutes. It is located on Lagos Island. The stretch of buildings between the Mighty ‘Dodan Barrack’, Keffi Street or Adjunct Street has one or two units of room allocated for these activities. At night, this location is noted as free for all for sex peddlers.

  1. Kado-Kuchi Village, Abuja

In Abuja, Kado-Kuchi Village is popularly known as ‘Sex Zone’. In this location open prostitution has become the norm. According to a resident of Abuja, the patronizers of sex peddlers at this location range from members of the upper class to the lower class.

  1. Queen Cinema, Ibadan

To residents of the capital of the Western region, going to ‘Queen Cinema’ at Adamasigba Stadium, close to Dugbe is sure to get a feel for young and fresh girls engaging in these activities. The location is also noted as the favourite of socialite and students of various institutions in the city.


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