Somali Man Buried In A Hole Upto The Chest Then Stoned To Death For Sleeping With Someone’s Wife


48 year old Mohammed Abukar Ibrahim was today buried in a hole upto the chest then stoned to death for sleeping with someone’s wife. The execution happened in broad daylight with villagers watching helplessly.

It is reported that the village practises the form of punishment to shun adulterous behaviour. Human rights activists have however called on international human rights bodies and the police to apprehend Ibrahim’s killers.

Ibrahim’s death has occured in the backdrop of a similar incident in Uganda. A Ugandan man killed his wife’s supervisor whom he claims had been persistently sleeping with his spouse.

The man even wrote a letter committing to shoot his wife’s side dish in the head and the belly. The two lovebirds were later caught in action by mercenaries hired by the jilted husband. The two mercenaries recorded the shooting and shared the video on print and social media. The fate of the Ugandan is still unclear. Investigative authorities in Uganda have taken control of the matter and promised to make arrests.


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