BUSINESS CENTRES! Pastors Who Breakaway from their G.O that end up in lawsuit


Considering the numerous difficult separation that happened in our churches I feel constrained to compose on the most questionable church breakaway episodes in Nigeria in the expectations that Pastors may perceive the reasons dangerous parts happen in our places of worship and how they might have the option to take them off.

Dr. Mike Okonkwo.
  1. Dr. Mike Okonkwo of the Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM)

Dr. Mike Okonkwo was the most darling of the spiritual children of Apostle Samuel Egbo of United Church of Christ. He had left his bank job to answer the call of God and when the time had come to post him out from the Enugu central command of the Church, he was the common decision for the Lagos Akoka Branch of the United Church of Christ. He went to Lagos with a ton of enthusiasm and the Lord utilized him extraordinarily to augment the service. Somewhere in the range of 1976 and 1980, the Lagos branch filled by a wide margin.

Inconvenience started when the Headquarters moved the then Evangelist Mike Okonkwo to Aba. This met a solid obstruction by a segment of the congregation faithful to him, and they announced self – governance from the central command, declining to have any managing the base camp. Things turn amiss when the segment of the Lagos branch faithful to the base camp started to get gives together with the Pro Okonkwo gathering. This prompted arrangement of police cases following revealed frequencies of brutality.

At a point, Apostle Egbo, The General Overseer of The service was welcome to Lagos by the police for addressing. To subdue the cacophony and prevent the issue from further deteriorating, Apostle Egbo gave the bundle of keys to the congregation building which the segment faithful to the central command had ownership of back to the police to provide for Bishop Mike Okonkwo. Afterwards, the Pro Okonkwo gathering of the branch turned into The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) in 1981.

As per Apostle Egbo in his autobiography”My stun came when my child, Mike, denied regularly knowing me or having any association with me. I knew then that the villain was behind everything. This case later went to court and hauled unending until the Holy Spirit mediated. I have since excused Bishop Mike. He tended to an assembly in the congregation in 1995, and we mutually tended to a convention in Lagos in 1995. The congregation has pulled back the case from court, and left the congregation building and property for Bishop Mike and his congregation, for nothing out of pocket”.

The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) has since developed to more than 180 branches in Nigeria and 10 nations over the world.

Bishop Dr. George Adjeman.
  1. Bishop Dr. George Adjeman (Winners Chapel Ghana)

Bishop Adjeman, a Ghanian was a protégé of Bishop David Oyedepo who served in the service for quite a long while and was appointed as diocesan and afterward moved to head Winners Chapel Ghana. Before he was redeployed, there were at that point 14 branches spread across Ghana.

Nonetheless, when Government experts in Ghana called for Churches to be enlisted as organizations, Bishop Adjeman outfoxed champs sanctuary proceeded to re – register the congregation with another name, eliminating the names of all the Nigerian trustees and assumed control over the resources his bosses.

At the point when Oyedepo got wind of his plot, he was moved to Ibadan, which he can’t and rather pronounces autonomy of the Ghana branch from the principle church. The emergency deteriorated and after a progression of gatherings expedited by the Ghanaian Pentecostal Council, no arrangement was reached and a fight in court that went on for a very long time in the Ghanaian Judicial framework followed.

While the legal disputes where on, endeavor were made to settle this contest and Adjeman made an interest to be paid $50, 000 as severance, alongside the congregation mission house and a vehicle. Bishop Oyedepo was accounted for to have consented to support $100, 000 yet without a vehicle and a house. This didn’t go down well with Adjeman and the emergency of proprietorship in the end spilled the congregation down in the center. The Adjeman Faction had all the properties, while the Oyedepo Faction made sure about another space close by.

The Oyedepo group (presently alluded to as Winners Chapel Intl, Ghana) that began again in 2004 emergency currently has more than 200 churches in Ghana.

Pastor Everest Ofoegbu.

3. Pastor Everest Ofoegbu of Christ Chosen Generation Revival Ministry.

Pastor Everest Ofoegbu was once serving under Pastor Lazarus Mouka of Lord Chosen Charismatic Church. Be that as it may, in 2006, Pastor Eze Nnamdi Ofoegbu composed an appeal to the police against the General Overseer of Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, requesting the aggregate of N317 million from him being what he put into the service from commencement up till the time they headed out in different directions. He said it was a speculation, in light of an unwritten arrangement between them.

As indicated by him “A man contributes with the desire for harvesting; I began putting resources into this undertaking since 2004. From that time till when I left I had contributed over N300m. That territory of land where the congregation is today and the armada of extravagance transports you see there are essential for the ventures. The planting of the congregation in Dubai, United Arab Emirate, Abidjan, Ikoyi and Ibadan are likewise essential for the ventures. These are aside the arrangement of campaigns we held the nation over and past. “

There were claims and counter – claims by the pair, and they were visitors of the police on various events. The fight in court that the occurrence produced went the extent that the Appeal court and Moukas’ fault finders intimated that he may have been gotten by foe, since it was same coerce he utilized when he was a pastor of the part of Watchman Catholic Charismatic and left with numerous individuals from the congregation to shape the Lord Chosen Church.

Sam Adeyemi
  1. Ministers Sam And Victor Adeyemi

Minister Sam Adeyemi Senior Pastor of Daystar Ministries, Ikeja, Lagos, and his prompt more youthful sibling, Pastor Victor Adeyemi, the General Overseer of the Global Harvest Church are two of the believed lieutenants of Reverend George Adegboye of Rhema Chapel International holy places in Ilorin Kwara State. Rev Adegboye made Sam Adeyemi the Director of Pastoral Care before he later made him Minister in Charge, and later presented him at Lagos. Victor was simultaneously presented at the Ibadan part of the congregation.

Rev. Victor Adeyemi

In 1995, while in Lagos and Ibadan branches separately, the two remaining a similar period bringing with them sizeable extents of their individual assemblies. The way that they left at same time left a colossal void in two branches and made a great deal of disarray and fits around then.

Today, the two players have settled While Sam Adeyemi, Daystar Christian Center sits on a hectare of land on Ikosi Road, Lagos with more than 25, 000 individuals making it one of the most gone to chapels on Sundays in Lagos State. Minister Victor Adeyemi Ibadan central command Global Harvest Church, Ibadan by and by has more than 10, 000 individuals.

Pastor Lawrence Adetunji.
  1. Pastor Lawrence Adetunji (Mountain Of Fire)

In 2017, after a contest with the General Overseer, Pastor Lawrence Adetunji, the then Resident Pastor in Charge of Mountain of Fire Ministries Bowie, Maryland, USA moved and renamed the Church as Christ the Truth Ministries

Prior to that, he was claimed to have sent an email to the GO of MFM (Dr Olukoya) saying in the wake of serving him for as far back as 18 years and dealing with the congregation (MFM Bowie) that it’s the ideal opportunity for him to proceed onward. Having sent the email to the General Overseer, he later changed the board of MFM church to “CHRIST THE TRUTH MINISTRIES” and even educated the police to screen the congregation in the event of any unsettling influence.

He didn’t just breakaway from the church, he additionally commandeered, moved and renamed the congregation properties for the sake of his new church asserting that the structure situated at 5503 and 5506, Church Road Bowie, Maryland was purchased only with gifts from individuals. As indicated by him and his supporter, there was no immediate monetary commitment from the MFM parent church in Lagos towards the acquisition of the properties and the returns ought to have a place with them who were working the congregation.

At the point when all endeavors to break ceasefire fizzled, MFM International, Lagos and MFMM Nevada, look for a definitive judgment and harms against Pastor Adetunji at the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County in Maryland, USA contending that the acquisition of the property lodging the congregation was made solely through the commitments of MFM individuals in Bowie.

Be that as it may, in 2018 the America court later decided for, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) and ordered the quick return of the part of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.


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