See Picture Of A Bridge Constructed By Desmond Elliot That Looks Cheaper Than The Signboard


Desmond Elliot is a Nigerian Film Maker turned politician who has featured in over 200 movies in the Nollywood. He was elected into the Lagos State House Of Assembly as a Member in 2015 and currently serving his second term.

A video of him surface on the internet on Thursday where he condemned the use of social by youths, influences and celebrities and even called Nigerian youths children. Desmond pushed for the bill to censor social media and condemned shooting of peaceful protesters in Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge Tollgate On social media.

He quickly denied the allegation in another video he posted on his Instagram page and transcribe below:

“This is false, no State House Of Assembly has the jurisdiction to even deliberate to pass any bill, its not possible, the only thing I said was that celebrities, influencers and motivational speakers should cut down on the hate narrative. Everyone is going through so much right now.”

See Video below

Nigerians trolled the internet to condemned him including celebrities and influencers as screenshots below:

In one of the condemnation, a Twitter user compared a bridge he constructed with his signboard as screenshot below.

He later apologized on his Twitter page as below:

“I sincerely apologize for addressing the youth as ‘Children’ I have did not mean to be insensitive with this, it was borne out of the magnitude of destruction & looting of businesses I witnessed when I went on a tour of my Constituency. I allowed my emotions get the better of me and for this I apologize to everyone my earlier statements may have hurt.”


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