Nigerian military investigates Lagos #EndSARS shootings


The Nigerian military is carrying out an internal investigation into the shooting of unarmed protesters in Lagos by soldiers.

The shooting at a protest against police brutality caused an international outcry after it was broadcast live on social media.

The Nigerian minister of defence mentioned the investigation at a media conference in the capital Abuja.

He declined to give details, but said the outcome would be made public as soon as possible.

The attorney general, who was also at the conference, revealed that they hadn’t seen an operational order sanctioning the shooting.

He suggested that the shots could have been fired by criminals dressed in camouflage, or that the social media footage might have been doctored.

Instagram has told the BBC its live videos cannot be faked.

On 20 October a number of unarmed protesters were shot in the wealthy Lagos suburb of Lekki.

Multiple eyewitnesses have said the shooting was carried out by soldiers.

The army initially denied being at the scene, but now says it was sent by the state government, although it says it didn’t shoot anyone. (BBC)


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