After Defending Tinubu On The Lekki Shooting, See What Yoruba Actor Yemi My Lover Said In New Video


Nigerian actor, musician and film producer Yemi Alebo popularly known as Yemi my lover has come out with another statement in a bid to clear himself of the statement he uttered in an earlier video that went viral on social media.

It would be recalled that following the news of shooting that took place on the 20th of October, 2020, there was an uproar and Lagos state almost degenerate into anarchy as everyone cried out in pain following the gory videos shared online.

Accusing fingers were pointed in different directions among which include former Lagos State Governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In a bid to air his point, Nigerian actor popularly known as Yemi Alebo, aka ‘Yemi My Lover’ did a video defending Tinubu passionately. According to ‘Yemi My Lover’, Tinubu could have never been responsible for the death of innocent protesters in Lekki. He called Tinubu one of the leading democrats in the country.

He disclosed in the video that despite making a lot of rich men who they were today, Tinubu has rather continued to be surrounded with back stabbers who want to bring him down at all cost.

The actor came under a heavy backlash from the public who criticized him for his statement.

In a new video shared, the actor in a bid to justify himself explained his choice of words and the allegations on Tinubu.

According to Yemi my lover in the new video, he stated tbat he started the End SARS struggles with other Nigerian youths and evidence can be seen on his Instagram handle.

He stated that from the onset, the fight was not about the End SARS protest alone but also about noting the displeasure of people over government policies and clamouring for necessary changes like employment, good roads and good economy.

Yemi my lover stated that the fight was mutual and he was part of it until hoodlums hijacked it following the massacre as Lekki toll gate. He stated that contrary to the opinion of people, he was displeased and devastated with the news and all the properties burnt.

He revealed that the reason why he did the video to defend Tinubu was because Nigerian actors and celebrities were starring and increasing the fane of unrest with their emotional and teary videos.

These videos according to Yemi my lover was in essence sending the wrong message to the society. For him, actors who are truly traumatized by the event will not be crying and recording themselves.

He however called on peace to reign while rendering apologies to everyone who might have been offended by his statement defending Tinubu. For him, Tinubu has helped a lot of people including Nigerian actors who stabbed him in the back by escalating the issue by their tears across social media platforms.


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