BRYMO: Nigerian Celebrities Are More Corrupt Than Politicians


Nigerian singer, Olawale Ashimi popularly known as Brymo has stoked a hornet’s nest after saying that Nigerian musicians are more corrupt than politicians in the country.

The singer made this known in a post on social media earlier today.

In a post shared via his official Twitter page, Brymo called on Nigerians to stop pointing fingers at politicians for being corrupt, rather they should place their focus on musicians who are more dangerous than the aforementioned politicians.

“Stop pointing fingers at the Nigerian politician… My colleagues are more dangerous and corrupt than our political class,” he wrote.

The post has since ignited a heated controversy on the microblogging platform with many Nigerians expressing their different views.

“So we should stop pointing fingers at public officials we elected into public offices and start pointing them towards people running their private lives? Wahala for your colleagues…,” a user replied.

“Politicians were elected to serve & provide our basic needs & infrastructure. That is their job. Musicians are private business owners & are free to be savvy & perhaps lobby to serve their personal interest. Don’t put them in the same category. Swallow pride and network,” another user countered.

Below are other reactions to the singer’s post:


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