JALINGO VIOLENCE: Over 450 Persons Displace


Over one hundred and fifty seven persons displaced by the outbreak of violence in Magami Area of Jalingo in Taraba State have called on the government and well spirited individuals to come to their aid.

The representatives of the people say, the burning of their houses, and the looting of properties were well coordinated and targeted.

They want security agencies to bring the perpetrators to book.

On November 28, a fight which ensued between two persons at a club in Magami neighbourhood, blew into what some residents of the area have termed, a coordinated attack. 

Two churches were burnt and over fifteen houses were alleged to have been looted and razed by hoodlums on November 29.

Representatives of over 150 persons displaced by the crisis said, they gave prior notice of the impending attack to security agencies in Jalingo,  but that did not stop the attack. 

They said they are ready to name alleged sponsors of the violence to the panel of inquiry set up by the Jalingo Local Government Council.

The affected persons are also asking the panel of inquiry to ensure that justice is served and those found guilty are punished. 


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