PDP To Buhari: Bring Back Our Boys


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) condemns, the gruesome attack on  Government Science Secondary School, Kankara, Katsina state, by  suspected terrorists, leading to reported deaths and abduction of no  fewer than 600 students.

The PDP, standing with the entire Katsina people, charges President  Muhammadu Buhari, as the commander-in-chief, who promised to lead from  the front, to account for the abducted students, as the large-scale  abduction happened a few hours after the President and his security  machinery took over the state. Our party holds as perplexing that at a time the people of Katsina  should have heaved a sigh of relief because of his presence, the  abduction happened right under Mr. President’s nose; in his home state,  where he had gone holidaying.

This development has further exposed the failure of President Buhari to  manage high level security intelligence that ought to accompany a  presidential visit. The PDP notes as distressing that President Buhari, who refused to  honour an invitation by the House of Representatives for a collective  deliberation on security, could abandon his duty post for a holiday,  leaving our national flanks open for terrorists, bandits, vandals, and  insurgents.

The time of the attack buttresses the fact that President Buhari, as the  commander-in-chief, is totally incapable of securing our nation; the  very reason there have been widespread calls by patriotic Nigerians that  he should resign.

This insolence of Mr. President towards issues of national security  compelled our  caucus in the House of Representatives to demand for his  impeachment. Our party believes that if President Buhari had listened to wise counsel  as proffered by the PDP and other patriotic Nigerians including the two  chambers of the National Assembly to rejig the nation’s security  architecture, our situation would not have deteriorated to this sorry  state.

Moreover, this particular abduction in the President’s home state, under  his watch, raises further serious questions over this government’s  capacity to fight insurgency. This is more worrisome as the state government had been known to have  established contacts with, as well as pampering bandits, which Mr.  President had not condemned.

The PDP demands that President Buhari should immediately quit his  needless holidaying in Daura and go in search of, and rescue the  abducted students, particularly having earlier admitted that issue of  security is his exclusive responsibility. Our party sympathizes with the people of Katsina state, particularly the  parents of the kidnapped students, who have been subjected to harrowing  experience occasioned by the incompetence of the Buhari administration.

The PDP, working in concert with other patriotic Nigerians will not rest  until President Buhari finds and returns each of these students. The PDP urges Nigerians to remain alert and prayerful as the nation  wades through this nightmare under an insensitive, inept and  uncoordinated administration.


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