Sex for grade: Undercover BBC Reporter Oge Obi attempts suicide


BBC sex for grade Undercover reporter, Oge Obi has allegedly attempted to take her own life for not being Credited for the famous Documentary.

Sources however disclosed that she survived after drinking a bottle of sniper poison and is currently in a stable condition.
She had earlier left a Twitter post alluding to her intention. “Forgive me some day but it’s better this way,” the post read.
According to her, she has been battling with mental illness which could be depression, stress and others of which she cant handle any longer.

Obi played the role of a 17-year-old admission seeker who got a senior lecturer breaking all the ethics of his job. He has sincr been sacked by the university.

she was said to have been rushed to three different hospitals where she was rejected.
She had recently been embroiled in a controversy with Kiki Mordi her fellow reporter and the winner of 2020 Michael Elliott Award for African Storytelling over who was the brain behind the viral BBC documentary which tracked predatory lecturers in Nigeria and Ghana. Kiki Mordi has been accused of taking all the credit and refusing to share the award price money with Obi.

According to Kiki, the idea behind the documentary was publicly sourced after people asked that lecturers in higher institutions in Africa be investigated for preying on innocent students.

But Nigerian investigative journalist, Ruona Meyer who uncovered the abuse of Codeine in Nigeria, has disclosed that she was in the room when the story was pitched and that the documentary was conceptualized, pitched, researched and co-produced by Oge Obi, and that Kiki Mordi was only hired to do the TV narration part.


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