COVID-19: Medical Experts Warn Second Wave May Overwhelm the Country, Task Citizens On Compliance To Protocols


Medical experts have expressed fears that a second wave of covid 19 in the country might overwhelm the country if drastic steps are not taking to stem the tide.

Speaking in Port Harcourt Rivers State capital ,the health experts reiterate that citizens must consciously take responsibility for their lives..

Like many other nations, Nigeria opened up her economy after the first wave of covid 19 lockdowns which were part of measures put in place to curb the spread of the deadly covid 19 disease.

Sadly ,the recent raising number of cases of the virus is worrisome and an indication that Nigeria is on the verge of a second wave,more worrisome is that citizens seem to have thrown safety caution to the winds .

Medical experts fear that a second wave of the covid 19 disease, if urgent steps are not taken, will be dangerous and might be overwhelming.

While calling for massive advocacy to reawaken the awareness of citizens, the health experts also stressed that aggressive testing is key as most cases of the covid 19 are asymptomatic.

With the resurgence of the covid 19 pandemic and raising number of cases ,the only option left is for citizens to take responsibility by adhering strictly to the NCDC safety protocols.


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