Criticism of Father Kukah Changes Nothing…..lawmaker


The Member representing Kaba, Bunu, Ijumu Federal Constituency Tajudeen Yusuf says that the ongoing criticism of Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah’s message on prevalent insecurity and other current ills reflects a deliberate effort to ignore the message and attack the messenger.

According to Yusuf who represents Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency of Kogi State in the House of Representatives, said the needless attacks from the Federal Government and its bands of sycophants from the North and other parts of the country reflects untold hypocrisy and double standards.

Hon Yusuf said that Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah’s decision to speak truth to power was applauded during the Goodwick Jonathan era but is now being mischievously misinterpreted as a call for insurrection.

Yusuf,also noted that those who prefer fawning sycophants to the hard truths from Bishop Kukah are very poor students of history who are indirectly sabotaging President Buhari and Nigeria’s democracy.

The PDP lawmaker ,says that Kukah’s critics easily missed the point without realising that genuine lovers of truth and justice would rise to support Bishop Kukah against those making futile efforts to discredit his truthful message.

The Bishop of Sokoto Bishop Hassan Mathew KukahIn Christmas diocese in his Christmas message lamented the endless woes, which he said had befallen the country.


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