POLICE Commend Media role in crime fight


Police says Media has been a critical stakeholder in its fight against criminality as well as promoting community policing in Kano State.

Commissioner of Police Habu Sani said this while appreciating some police officers who discharged their duties well throughout the year 2020 in the state.

The commissioner of police Habu Sani said the recommendation followed a thorough assessment of the performance of the police officers who helped the Kano police command to achieved it’s community policing blueprints through out the year 2020.

Habu Sani added that a lot of high profile criminals have been arrested and their criminal activities brought to a stand still with the help of the police officers recommended.

Sani said the effort of media will never be forgotten as they carry the message to the grassroot.

Some police officers who received the recommendation letter of the commissioner were grateful to God Almighty as well as the police commissioner for recommending them.

Assistant commissioners of police, deputy superintendents of Police, Assistant Superintendents of Police and some civilians were recommended.


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