Jos Residents Decry State of Insecurity & Poverty


A cross section of Jos residents have tasked government at all levels to tackle headlong the issue of insecurity and poverty.

They were reacting to the challenges the nation passed through in the year 2020, and are hopeful for better days ahead, if only government would be more proactive.

For residents of Jos, the year 2020 will never be forgotten in a hurry.

This is due to the numerous challenges the people were face with, especially in the areas of insecurity, poverty, as well as government’s failure to uphold the rule of law.

For these respondents, if only the government can address the security situation and boost the economy, 2021 could possibly be a good one for nigerians.

He is putting the blame on the nation’s lawmakers, who have failed to stand by the electorate who voted them into power.

One thing is key, the people look forward to a society where people can move freely, go to their farms without any fear of being attacked, and be able to cater for their needs.

As the year has just began, it is hoped that the nation’s leaders will make frantic efforts, to inject the changes the people hope for.


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