Veteran Actress, Joke Silva Opens Up On How She SHOCKINGLY Found Out That She Was ADOPTED


Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva has opened up on how devastated she was after accidentally finding out that she was adopted as a child.

The Nollywood icon opened up on the experience in a recent interview as a guest on Funmi Iyanda’s talk showPublic Eye.

According to Silva, she stumbled upon the truth of her birth when she was about 10 or 11-years-old.

”It something like where one is just getting to share it in the public. It is something that I found out when I was much younger. Mine was a secret adoption,” she said.

“When I mean secret it was legal but it was not something that my parents discussed. My mum’s elder sister wanted me to travel with her to Kenya and my mother was not around. She asked If I knew where my passport was and I was like yes yes yes, I know where mum keeps all the important documents.”

“Then I go to the important suitcase that has all the important documents, where I found my passport but also found my adoption certificate. It was like ‘I beg your pardon.”

Silva opened up on how traumatic it was for her to find out about something so sensitive at such a tender age.

“You know how sensitive you are as a child in the sense that there was just something and you’d be like if this is something they wanted to discuss with you, they would have discussed with you,” she said.

“So after the years, we got to the point where we could discuss about it, especially myself and my mum. What was interesting was the fact that she found it easier to discuss it with my older son than she did with me.”

The movie star went to reveal that she finally had the conversation with her mum after someone confronted her about being her biological daughter.

Watch the actress speak about it below;

This is not the first time Silva will be talking about her adoption story.

The Nollywood veteran first talked about it during the Annual Conference of Heritage Adoption Support and Advocacy Group (HASAAG) in Lagos, where she was a guest speaker.

The veteran actress shocked many people when she revealed that she was not the biological child of Chief E.A Silva who was the then Babajiro of Lagos and his late wife, Dr Abimbola Silva, reputed to be Nigeria’s first female medical doctor.

Joke Silva is married to fellow Nollywood veteran, Olu Jacobs.

The couple first met 39 years ago in 1981 at the National Theatre, Lagos during the 21st Independence anniversary. As at when they got married back in 1985, Olu Jacobs was 43-years-old while Joke Silva was 24-years-old.

They have two kids now having lost their first child to the cold hands of death at the tender age of ten. The deceased child was a girl they named Dayo. She died after struggling with an undisclosed ailment.

They now have two surviving sons, Soji & Olugbenga.

The adorable couple are also grandparents after their first son welcomed a daughter with his wife last year.

They founded the Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts with Joke Silva as Director of Studies and Olu Jacobs as Chairman.

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