Man accused of raping and trying to pluck out a woman’s eyes caught in Akure


A viral video captured the moment a man was accused of raping a woman and trying to pluck out her eyes in Akure. Captured and was paraded by villagers at the scene where he was about to commit the heinous crime.

The footage, shared online by lawyer and political activist Esq. Cole, shows residents of Olatuyi in Akure beating the naked man, who is said to be from the Northern part of Nigeria.

In the graphic video, the rape victim is seen lying naked on the floor with her leg’s apart and her alleged attacker kneeling beside her, with blood on the floor.

She appeared weak, helpless and unable to move, while a mob gathered round trying to interrogate the suspect.

Those speaking in the video are heard saying the man raped the woman and was in the process of removing her eyes when he was caught.

As at the time of filing this report, it is unknown if the victim was taken to the hospital and the attacker arrested by the police.


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