White Woman Gives Birth To A Black Child, Blames Her Husband For Sleeping With A Black Girl


A white woman gave birth to a black baby and accused her husband of having sex with a black girl.

The incident happened in a hospital in Spain when a white woman delivered black child with her husband present in the delivery room

There was great confusion in the hospital since at first the doctors thought that the baby boy appeared darker than his parents because he was suffering from a respiratory failure.

However after looking at the boy very keenly they discovered he was a very healthy black baby boy.

The mother was very happy after the doctors confirmed that she has given birth to a healthy baby and said she wanted to hold him.

She was very surprised when she held her son on her chest and started abusing her husband.

The white woman yelled at her husband, “Son of a bitch, I already knew you were cheating on me. Look what you’ve done, go away”.

The lady insisted that the husband should leave the delivery room saying that she has never cheated on him but she had seen her chatting with a black lady.

The doctors tried to explain to the lady that her husband’s infidelity cannot make her give birth to a black child.

The woman was very adamant but the doctors were forced to respect her desires and asked the man to leave the delivery room.


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