IPOB Will Never Forgive Nyesom Wike, We Are Going To Pay Wike Back In His Own Coins


During the end SARS protest that quaked Nigeria last year, IPOB intelligent crew with the help of those released from Abuja, military and DSS prisons have factual information that more than 50 Igbo Biafran girls were hoisted from #Obigbo to Abuja on a luxurious bus.

Most of them were yanked in the market places some were heading home from work, some were in the motor parks.

They were carefully chosen because they are all youthful girls and from a consultation, some were still virgins by the time the military kidnaped them randomly from Obigbo and they lost their virginity by rape in the hands of Nigeria military.

Most of these girls are in their early 20s, these girls are young Igbo girls living in #Obigbo and many have being missing and their families don’ t have any information about them.

From some of them whom IPOB secured their released in Abuja, they were all raped repeatedly, some girls lost their life in the hands of Nigeria military as they take turns in raping them in the military detention facilities. This is what our young ladies are going through in the hands of the Nigerian military with the approval of Nyesom Wike who gave the order to move them to the Northern part of the contraption called Nigeria. Some of the ladies are from Ikwere, Eleme, Obigbo, Ngwa, Mbano and other parts of Biafraland but all are Igbo girls.

Only a few among the girls abducted by the military have regained their freedom but the trauma they went through is written all over their faces. IPOB have concrete evidence that will be released in the nearest future for the world to see the kind of atrocities and humiliation meted out to our girls. The Igbos cannot continue to look the other way in the length of these atrocities perpetrated against our ladies, our future wives, daughters, sisters and all the so- called governors and elites all kept quite.

In many nations of the world, rape cases carry huge punishment, in some nations you mighty be executed particularly when committed in such a way. IPOB will never pardon Nyesom Wike. We are going to pay Wike back in his coins. May what transpired to these young girls happen to him and his family.


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