UK-based Nigerian doctor loses custody of son after flogging him with belt


A Nigerian doctor based in the United Kingdom has lost custody of his 16-year-old son to the government after flogging him with a belt.

This was revealed by a child rights advocate known as pepstalk1 on her Instagram page on Wednesday.

She narrated that the Nigerian doctor flogged his son after he caught him and his friends invited over to study together watching an inappropriate video.

His friends reportedly informed the police and told them that while the father was beating his son with a belt, the doctor repeatedly said, “Is this how you want to become a doctor?”

She said, “Two friends of a Nigerian doctor’s son two months ago came over to the doctor’s residence to sleep over and study in preparation for their General Certificate of Secondary Education examination.

“At 3 am in the night, the doctor tip-toed into the boy’s room and caught them watching an improper video, the father got angry with his son and beat him with a belt in front of his friends.

“The two friends ran out of the scene to call the police and they came over and took the boy away. The case was later held in court and during the session, the friends said that they heard the father saying that “Is this how you want to become a doctor” while beating his son?

“The boy also said that his father was always beating him to study the subject that he doesn’t want and his father want him to study medicine at the university.

“The court later ruled that the doctor’s 16-year-old son be taken into custody care and can no longer go back to his father’s house.”


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