QUEST FOR GREENER PASTURE: Rising Trend of Irregular Migration in Nigeria


Economic factors such as poverty and insecurity are still the major driving forces for irregular migration especially among Nigerians leaving the shores of the country.

These factors have continued to mitigate efforts at tackling irregular migration, despite the inherent dangers associated with it.

Battered by hunger and insecurity, most people have been forced to flee their countries in the hope of better opportunities else where.

The perilous journey usually involves traversing the very risky sahara desert and the mediterranean sea

Most die at sea or in the desert. Others are trafficked and sold as slaves in war torn countries such as Libya. And for the few who make it to their final destinations, they will have to deal with xenophobia, discrimination and other forms of unfair treatment

Despite awareness campaigns, thousands are still taking the risk, an indication that until the fundamentals that push people to leave their countries are solved, irregular movements of people will continue.

For many in Nigerian, the often cited push factors are economic and insecurity at the domestic level.

On the 2020 International Migrants day, the United Nations Is concerned about protecting the rights of migrants and calling on nation states to ensure they are provided equitable access to national vaccine programmes.


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